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5 things I constantly worry about at uni

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As many of you know I started uni last year and have now completed my first year! It was honestly a tough one for me but I did it! Here are a few obstacles I encountered at uni.

1. Food:
University involves you living by yourself, doing everything for yourself. When you are busy and have tons of exams or work to do you just do not have the energy to make a fancy dinner. Or you buy food but you find that you wait too long to use it and it all expires super quickly! (What a pain, am I right?!) There is also that problem of first year where, if you are living with people and you are not as close to them or "friends" going into the kitchen can be a nightmare, I have had days where I do not want to go into the kitchen because there is people in there and I do not want to stop and make small talk (because let's face it, it is so pointless and the same small talk every single time you see the same person/people.) I also do not want them to judge wh…

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