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My First Internship: Week Three - What products did I get?

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2nd July 2018 London 10:00am - 18:00pm

New lashes, Makeup and nail polishes have been added to my collection without me having to spend a penny! Unpaid internships can leave you feeling tired or let down when a newer intern gets picked for exciting jobs, but everything happens for a reason and fashion magazine internships definitely has its perks. 

The CEO/Founder of the magazine told a few of her editors that their desks were too cluttered, and because they have a new project starting next week they have to tidy up and get rid of the things they do not want or need, or it gets thrown into the trash. The editors were so nice to offer up the products to not only the offer other people that work there but to the interns as well, we are all so grateful for this as we did not expect to get anything let alone unused products. It was a take as much as you want and what you want kind of thing. 
Here are my picks...

Silk Lashes, £19.99 | Iconic London"Whether…

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