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Five signs you need to end your relationship

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Some people you date can seem like the nicest person. But just because they are nice does not mean that they are right.
Recognising signs early on can save you from making a mistake, from losing focus and motivation. Life is about being able to enjoy it on your own and with other people, independence is something that needs to be more valued. My friend once told me you can't be with someone who needs you in their life, you need someone that values and loves themselves, someone who is perfectly fine to be by themselves, you need to add to someones life not to be the entire world, universe or air in their life.

So here we go 5 signs not to ignore...

Everything they do annoys you, you get annoyed and irritated over EVERYTHING they do (even breathing). Being with someone means that you accept them for who they are, if you can't stand all of their imperfections you might want to think of ending it. Sometimes people go through phases where they might not l…

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