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#BlackLivesMatter a post to ponder in memory of George Floyd

Follow my blog with Bloglovin 29th May 2020 London #BlackLivesMatter George Floyd, 46, died in Minneapolis, US after he was restrained to the ground by three officers, with one officer with his knee to Floyd's neck. Floyd countless times begged that he "couldn't breathe". Floyd became pulseless and unresponsive from this and lost his  life that same day. This is his story, it is not the first and sadly won't be the last until something clicks within the people who hold "power".  Multiple petitions have been set up, protests have been made but no arrests. This story took the attention of the world. The public is crying for the officer to be charged with murder but the state isn't having it, the mayor of that state sides with the people, that if it was an ordinary person we would be charged with murder.  The officer has had complaints and has been involved in more incidents than what he did to Floyd. so why are things being brushed over? 

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