6 Tips on how to wear a crop top if you feel self conscious

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Many people say that crop tops are only for people who are slim and have a flat stomach. WRONG! crop tops are for everyone, you can wear whatever you want, it's not you with the problem it's them. Bottom line is, we should all be supportive of each other, do not suggest something without asked especially if you have no relationship with the person. We all deserve to be comfortable in our own skin, we deserve to be proud of ourselves, I know it is easier said than done and it does take time to love yourself. However, I know for a fact people have days that they feel good and love themselves but then hate themselves because someone else decided to criticise and open their mouths. We are all beautiful, if someone wants to change their looks let them and be supportive, if someone does not want to change then support them. If you're changing and getting discouraged because you are not seeing results, remember that it takes time, everyone loses and gains weight differently, some places are harder to shed weight than others. Some people have higher metabolisms and so on.  Be proud and don't let someone else define your self worth.

Now on to the 6 tips:

1. Pairing the crop top with a maxi, midi or mini skirt: a line, body-con or skater

2. Layering the crop top underneath a satin dress, denim dress or dungarees

3. Pairing the crop top with high waisted shorts or jeans

4. Wearing a flannel, leather, bomber, denim or short jacket to cover any self conscious side bits or tummy

5. Adding a block coloured shirt, or long sleeve underneath a cami crop top (Pictures taken from the movie: Clueless)
6. Buy a size up in the crop top, this is not to make it bigger, but to make it longer. There is not much difference between your size and a size up usually. This means that you can cover your tummy as well as make it easier to move in without it rising up.

What's your favourite way to wear a crop top? 
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  1. Very much pieces of good advice! Thanks! I have three tops, but I was afraid to carry them on the street because I hesitate of my nonideal stomach.


    1. Thank you so much! You deserve to feel beautiful and stunning in anything without fear of judgement! xo


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