Green tea// Weight loss

Green tea - Tea made from unfermented leaves that is pale in colour and slightly bitter in flavour, produced mainly in China and Japan.
I am sure naturally most people do not like to look in the mirror and see fat or flab. The thought of chubbiness can make you feel disgusted and less confident. I am also sure even though summer is still quite a bit away, people want a summer body, why not start early.
In my experience I hate the sound of diets that are so hard core as well as I do not believe young children or teenagers should participate in diets. As I am a teenager I am obsessed with my image, even now I am definitely not skinny and in all honesty it makes me feel upset and frustrated that I don't look good in clothes as well as slim or skinny people do, it also knocks my self confidence right out of the park.  
I started to do exercise to keep fit, however what made me feel so much better was drinking green tea, this Is because it can aid in weight loss naturally also, I am not going to lie I get quite bloated and the green tea helps to control the bloating and decrease it.
Green tea is good because..
  1. It contains nutrients that can improve your health
  2. It increases fat burning
  3. It lower risks of cancers
  4. It improves brain function
  5. It lowers risk of infection, kills bacteria
  6. It lowers risk of diabetes
  7. It helps you lose weight
Many people say to drink green tea no more than 3 times a day, I for one only drink it once. This is because it does contain caffeine. Furthermore, what you have to remember is that green tea alone can not make you lose weight but only help you.

What do you do to lose or control your weight without going on a strict diet?
Always supporting and voting for you.
                                                                  Josephine Beth-xx


  1. Hi, I love your blogs.
    I sometimes also feel insecure about how I look in clothes so I'll give your advice ago and see if I loose any weight by drinking green tea.
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