Revision tip: Timetable

So if you are like me and you know you need a structured plan or timetable, as well as you are lazy or you just do not have time to create your own timetable, well look no further I am going to show you an app I use for my revision timetable!

Now if you are like me, I use my phone pretty much 24/7 and I have to admit at times I have trouble being away from my phone as I find myself always searching for it. Therefore I thought why not just download an app on my phone for a revision timetable. Furthermore this is the app that has worked best for me so far! It is called MyStudyPlan - MySQA.
This app is amazing and let me tell you why. If you click on the subjects button you can enter your subjects as well as your exam date. Also if you click on the priorities button you can change the subject importance in order of percentage, moreover if you click the availability tab you can set your revision start date and end date as well as set how many hours you spend each day of the week. And let me tell you it gets better, if you click on the my plan button it will automatically create a timetable based on the information you have inputted into the app, as well as it will automatically place the subjects on the timetable in order of exam date for you so you hardly have to do anything!
To sum up this app is amazing and will only take a few minutes to set up depending on how many subjects you have. So to everyone getting ready for exams good luck and happy revising, knowledge is power! With this app all you have to think about is revision without the worry of losing your timetable as well, as it will always be with you on your phone.
Always supporting and voting for you.
Josephine Beth-xx


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