Sixth form rejection 1 out of 9

If you guys read my other blogs you would be aware im in year 11, and I have applied to sixth forms. Furthermore, with anything there's always a chance of rejection or failure.

This is my story about sixth form which il keep you guys updated on. Firstly, I applied to 9 different sixth forms; 6 were grammar sixth forms and 3 were normal sixth forms. 

My preferred choice was BGS however I got rejected due to a lot of competition and there were two forms to choose from A level or IB. At the time I thought that A level was the right one to choose, in all honesty I can't blame them for not wanting me however I can improve myself to show them that they rejected someone who was worth it.

So my mood for today is literally this:

Yes I am upset I did not get a place at BGS and it is said to be a good school however offering both A level And IB would have put some people at a disadvantage than just offering one. 

Therefore I now have 1 rejection and 8 more pending. 

Now my advice to future year 11s is this, if your preferred sixth form offers both A level and IB make sure to think carefully about how badly you want to go there, if you want to go there so badly make sure to choose the choice that fits you, and do not be afraid to take chances - you may think it doesn't fit you at the time but things could change and you could cope really well when it comes to year 12. 

On the other hand if you get rejected maybe that is because something better is in store for you. Or if you are dead set you could appeal when you receive your results.

Finally the last piece of advice for today is to apply for more than one sixth form because it is always good to have back ups! 

I however do have an appointment on Feb 5th with A different grammar sixth form, which im nervous and excited for!

For all of you going through similar things  to this or the same thing, GOODLUCK!!

Always supporting and voting for you.                                                                
 Josephine Beth-xx


  1. I've always been super competetive, thus I applied to where my half-brother went ages ago: Eton. Got rejected. Apart from that, just applied to three local sixth-forms, which I am perfectly willing to visit! They are fairly decent, and I know that no matter where I go, I can apply my self, and always try to do my best. Good luck x

    1. ah sorry, that's good that you will always try your best, good luck too! thank you for reading too !x

  2. I just got a letter from one sixth form this morning , it's a new sixth form opening in September, and i basically got rejected. I was really looking forward to going to that sixth form because of all the brand new facilities, its connection with a private school upon several other reasons. My predicted grades are well above those of the entry requirements so I'm quite down about that. One good thing is that I also got a letter from another really good sixth form and got a conditional offer. I really have my heart set on the sixth form that I got rejected from and it was towards the end of the letter that it says if I achieve an A in the subjects I want to study at A-level then they can 'reconsider' my application. Do you think I have chance of being accepted in August if I get those grades or should i just go to the one other sixth forms I get offers from?
    Good luck with your sixth form applications :0


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