Favourite dog: Pug

Now my favourite dog is the pug! they are the absolute cutest I don't know what it is but they are just so adorably cute!
 I live with my mum, and she says we cannot get a dog because it is too much work, which is something I had to come to terms with because lets all be honest dogs are the most loyal companions on the earth, even better than humans! the only time I have ever had a dog of my own is when I was in the Philippines but then obviously I had to leave it because I had to live in the UK.
In my opinion I love small dogs because we have to admit small = cute. Right? Another reason why pugs are absolutely adorable is because they look like a little ray of sunshine and no one has ever said that a pug is a boring dog. Not to mention Pewdiepie, Marzia, Zoella and Alfie have pugs.
One day I am going to get a pug but for now I am going to have to make do with my teddy bear pugs, I have this Nintendo dogs pug with a bone that is magnetic so it can move the pugs head. Sounds lame but it's the closest thing to the real thing.
So we have now established I am a dog person. So I want to know are you a dog or cat person? If a dog person, what dog breed is your favourite?
Always supporting and voting for you.
Josephine Beth-xx


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