Dealing with disappointment

Today my year In my school received their mock GCSE results. All in all personally it was bad for me however for some people they would not see it as bad.

For those of you in my position or feel like they tried their best yet the results did not show it. Just to help you guys I am going to be honest and I am going to tell you how I dealt with it.

Throughout your life you need to learn how to deal with disappointment or rejection. What is the most important thing, Is to deal with it in the right way and not give up on your self and turn the wrong way.

Throughout the day I had to pretend to be happy and to act like everything was alright. When I got home I admit I cried and I cried and I cried. I was so upset, those results predicted my grades and the predicted grades on the sheet were different to what the teachers told me. I was angry and upset at the same time. I am going to be truthful crying is the best thing out there to make you feel better, crying is better than keeping it in and breaking down at school or anywhere other than the safety and comfort of your own home.
What this has taught me is to work harder and to talk to my teachers the next day in my school to find out answers, because I am going to be honest what I cared a lot about was the predicted grades as the sixth forms give you an offer based on those, personally I think the teachers were wrong to enter the predicted grades onto the system when they told me a different set of predicted grades, what is even worse is that a subject I want to do for a level might not be an option as my predicted grade is low. Another factor is that my school has the worst organisation skills in the world and even if they said they spent a lot of time going through all papers they make mistakes on the report.
Moreover I have to think carefully about the subjects I want for A level and may have to change it according to what I can see at the moment. I am not going to lie, I feel awful and I don't care if people say I am pathetic for feeling sad for myself but it is my life and never let people tell you what is pathetic or not because it is your life and your actions not theirs.
Furthermore, what I have learnt is that you should work hard and take practises seriously as it can guide you and tell you where you are at. Never give up and keep working hard there is at least one other person in the world sharing your pain and remember that you are not alone.

Always supporting and voting for you.
Josephine Beth-xx


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