Urban Dictionary definition// Crush: A burning desire to be with someone who you find very attractive and extremely special.

As you grow up boy or girl you will develop more than one crush in your life throughout all stages. The question that everyone asks is does that person like me back? So how do we know?
Google and many sites will go through the endless list of body language, how they position their body or communication - whether It is physical or through text and other social media sites. Although at the time you think you really like someone, you have to admit sometimes it might not work out.

Adults say that crushes are pointless and relationships aren't serious to children. However, I am going to say sometimes it isn't, you could turn out to be the lucky person to marry the same boy you went to school with, you never know, no one does. It goes either way and no one can tell you whether it is silly or if it is not. you just have to wait and see.

So If you like a boy there are different ways you could go about it, but in all honesty to just tell him is the best way because if he is right for you he will not laugh and go and discuss it with his mates. Another way is to ask your friends to ask him or find out. I would normally go with the asking my friends route because I am shy and I find it embarrassing.

Also if you are ever in a situation where you like the same person as your friend to be honest friendship should mean more than a boy, even if people think it is silly girl codes and boy codes were made for a reason. Think about it what is the point of having a friend without loyalty that is just an acquaintance.

I have known this boy since I was in primary, in all honesty I like him, we talk everyday so far there isn't a day we don't talk. Although  he is the type of person that thinks relationships are pointless. However he seems flirty, so what google site can predict whether he likes me or not? the answer is none. This is because no one is predictable, no one has the power to read people. As well as not everyone is the same. 

So in summary to find out the truth you need to confess yourself or ask your friends to help, do not rely on the internet for pointers or signs that he may like you. You don't want to appear wrong. To end this everyone dealing with a crush then good luck! and remember a crush is someone you like, love is different it is something that doesn't go away as easily as like. Remember not every one is the same.

Always supporting and voting for you.
Josephine Beth-xx


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