Now I am not talking about period cramps, although that does hurt quite a lot too,  I am talking about cramps in your legs, foot, just muscle cramps in general.

Have you ever had a cramp when you were sleeping that has made you screw up your face or had you on the brink of crying from pain, this could be when you accidently stretch your leg out, you feel a jolt of numbness run up your leg. This results in you having to wake up and trying to get rid of that ever so annoying and painful cramp.

On Tuesday I do dance, when we were at the Barre I developed the most excruciating cramp in my left leg, however I had to try and move on with it because we were going through the syllabus for the exam. To be totally honest I can still feel it today, however I tried to lessen the pain by keeping my leg straight and applying pressure. In this situation it helped to not panic and freak out. However that is why it is important to stretch and warm up properly before doing any form of exercise.   
So how do we solve these cramps?
  • My mother always says to put your leg up so that the blood can circulate.
  • Eating a banana as it contains potassium to prevent it
  • warming up properly
  • Taking a hot bath
  • Keep the leg straight
  • applying pressure
These are some of the ways you can relieve a cramp. The main thing is to stay calm and not freak out, because that never helps in any situation given.
How do you deal with cramps? What is the worst cramp you have ever had?

I apologise for boring advice blogs but I am studying and revising towards my GCSE's, I have to find the right balance and all my brain power is going into revising and work. I will try to think of better content for you guys but for the moment, I am sorry.

Always supporting and voting for you.                                                                
 Josephine Beth-xx


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