Public buses - Adults vs children

I have not clearly introduced myself properly, however some of you may have guessed. I am currently in year 11 in secondary.

Think about this, do they have a right to complain or should they just keep quiet?

I take the bus to school, this is because where I live we do not get school buses for only schools like they do in America. I have experienced so many encounters with adults where they shout at school children for being on a PUBLIC bus, they complain about school children, they even go as far as to argue with them. What do other people do? Some will agree with the adults and others will just sit silently. However no one ever sides with the children, okay, maybe an odd few would but that's hardly ever. 

When I was in year 9, my friend who had a cast on her leg couldn't bend it because of the cast. When we were on the bus she sat down, this lady then tries to get off the bus and it was not as if she was old that she couldn't have just walked past without a problem or lift her leg a bit so she could step over. She did eventually decide to step over, but shouted at my friend for having her leg out when it was so blatantly obvious she had a cast on. In addition to that the ladies behind where I was standing were discussing and agreeing with the lady who was shouting at my friend, from my point of view what was my friend supposed to do? she couldn't bend her leg, did they want her to stand? 

In my opinion I thought that lady was wrong and she shouldn't have shouted. However I see her point, she found it hard to pass and get to the door. But from my point of view you can't expect a person with a cast or Who is injured to move for you when it will cause them pain. It is like saying if a person had a broken arm you would expect them to hold the door open for you with that exact same arm. Even more so the two ladies who were discussing the incident, it was not theirs to discuss, they were not involved in it and personally it just was none of their business or concern unless they wanted to say something to my friends face. There is no point in whispering behind someone's back and making rude remarks just because you do not have the guts to say it face to face or out loud for everyone to hear.

Everyone knows that if children were ever to speak back to an adult they would class them as disrespectful, however if an adult ever did wrong to a child by assumption; they would be classed as right.  Adults criticise children for being young and not understanding. Some people know fully well when I say, many children have seen, heard, felt and been through things that an adult could never imagine or never have felt themselves. People say the older you get, the wiser you are. My opinion on this is that it is not true, in my eyes for someone to be wise you have to be open minded. Adults say children are wrong and that their opinion mostly means nothing as they do not know what they are saying, however if a person can be that close minded just because of age what makes you think their opinion is so right; when they have not even seen it or looked at it from all angles.

When adults complain about children on the bus. Fair, I will give you this some are loud and noisy, but then adults can be the same. The issue with this point is that, adults have a choice this means they are enabled to drive; children have no choice this is because we cannot drive as we are not of legal age to drive as of yet, another fact is that if adults get so annoyed with children on the bus, they could get a taxi or cab, now this is something that mostly adults can do because they have a job and they earn money. Meanwhile children cannot work at the age of 15 or under. As I have said before it is a PUBLIC bus and everyone is entitled to use it, I am not saying that adults have to go and get private transport, all I am saying is that if they complain so much - actions speak louder than words.

Adults demand respect and the saying is - you get respect when you give respect. However why does this rule not apply to those under age?  How can people say everyone is equal yet not include children? Are we not human too?  In all honesty adults and children can be similar in so many ways. For all any one knows that generation of children you are not respecting could discover something in the future that is beyond belief. Sometimes children can see things that adults are too oblivious to see and vice versa, therefore we need each other to balance each other out, you cannot have an old population because that would not be sustainable. So why are we not equal?

This is my opinion and I understand that not everyone will agree as we all think differently. Furthermore, people have different opinions and it is okay to be different.

Always supporting and voting for you.
Josephine Beth-xx


  1. Hie Josephine. Good points you have and very good questions that we need to address in our society. However, in the world today when people say people are equal, they basically mean adults... rarely do they ever think of children. There are a lot of immature adults out there who are just big bullies. Which is very sad. But hey, keep talking and complaining and soon, things might change. Next time, please just tell the adult what you think; sometimes they need it.


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