A possibility on why you are always tired

At the beginning of year 12 I struggled heavily with being tired all the time. I found it hard to stay awake during lessons and found my eyes became heavy and it was hard to stay concious ( not because the lesson was boring ). I often lost energy and it was a chore to get out of bed in the morning ( as for most people ). Believe me when I say that I got plenty of sleep, not too much and not too little.

However, as embarrassing as this is to admit my mum and boyfriend would often tell me that I snore. Now, when I finally got my butt to the GP doctors. they did not really find a solution to it all. But as I did have hay fever and allergies to dust like most, they offered an explanation of, I was not actually getting the right amount of sleep. This was because I was not able to breathe therefore with out me knowing I would wake up and was incapable to sleep soundly.

As a solution to this, the doctor put me on a stronger dosage of hay fever tablets (as I was already taking cheap ones) as well as a nasal spray. These methods helped me feel less tired for the amount of time the prescription was supposed to last, however, after the tablets ran out I felt it all over again (the snoring did stop). But obviously people do not want to be dependant on tablets to not make them tired. Now I am determined to find things to make it through the day.

Solutions offered by mindbodygreen.com

  • Drink more water (hydration is the key)
  • Eat more fruits for an energy booster 
  • Get outside the air will refresh your mind and body 
  • Eat breakfast! you have been told this since nursery just do it! 

So you may be tired because of not being able to breathe properly at night or allergies. Solutions to that is tablets and nasal sprays (which are pretty effective).

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Josephine Beth-xx 


  1. I think a good exercise program and routine helps as well. I always sleep much better when I am getting good workouts.

    P.S. How is your puppy? :-)

    1. Yeah so true! exercise is important! He is great thank you he is 1 years old now, time flies aha

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.


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