Why it's good for sssniperwolf to say drugs like weed and vaping is bad

There will always be haters and trollers and these people will continue to be childish, immature and stupid until they are old and grey and realise they have wasted their life with something pointless and not beneficial. 

SSSniperwolf is a female gamer youtuber who likes to cosplay and just do her thing. She is a pretty girl who has good morals about her. She earns tons of money, she has her own house, a boyfriend and a dog, therefore she is up there in life and has done pretty well for herself to have a comfortable life. 

Now this comment made by Dan R seen in the picture above sounds like a troll comment, however he tries to sound smart when shoving his opinion about drugs down our throats. First part of the comment about the cosplay was irrelevant because she is gorgeous and if you are not the hottest guy on the planet you can not say crap about someone else. But regardless everyone should be entitled to dress how they want without fear of discrimination, even if it looks bad or good. 

The second part of his comment focuses on Lia saying her opinion on vaping and drugs. He finishes off his comment with do not judge people because they do things you are scared to do. Hold on please, let me take a breathe... This guy contradicted himself on the fact he said Lia looked like a retard, this makes us think why is he judging her because she has an amazing body and is not afraid to cosplay in front of millions of people. Moreover, Lia is the one making money while he is sitting at home watching her be successful and loved by millions of people. 

Putting yourself in the public eye is brave and admirable especially if you have good morals. In everything too much of something is bad for you. There are obviously minor drugs and little side effects to some and vaping, however using them should not be pushed on to other people. Lia is right to say drugs are bad, do you know why? because number 1, she is a role model. A lot of her viewers are teenagers which can be gullible and influenced easily. Number 2, these teenagers are grandchildren and children of parents and grandparents. Think, if you were a parent would you like your child to be doing all of this, sure some would be lenient and say children can make their own mistakes, however would you want them to grow up still doing drugs, having a baby and doing drugs around the baby? No. At one point in your life everyone is going to be a role model to somebody else. You need to realise that some things you are too old to do and too young to do. There is a point where you have to stop, but by all means live life just do not mess up your life and take it into your adulthood and end up messing up your baby or corrupting someone else. Number 3, drugs are illegal and even though you can argue legal stuff like alcohol can do equally as much damage, the fact remains drugs are not socially acceptable and are illegal. If you get caught taking drugs or if they are in your possession, that can mess up your life. Colleges, universities, Jobs and a criminal record can stand in your way from being a powerful, influential and rich person. This can be argued with Snoop dogg and a lot of celebs smoke pot, do drugs and are rich and successful. Guess what though? they had to build a GOOD Public image before being successful, they are lucky, because reality is not everyone is going to be rich, people come and go from the public eye. Most of us will have to deal with being middle class or lower. Therefore it is important to have a good record so we can make at least a DECENT living. 

Before you open your mouth about illegal stuff do not only think about how it is not as bad as it seems, think about the social expectations, society and your future. Respect those who are being good role models for your kids. 

It angers me that trolls and people think they are right just because they think they see the bigger picture. The picture you see is a piece of something bigger. I am neither against or for drugs. I am against trolls. I watched a film yesterday called nerve.  How brave would all the trolls be if we could expose their identity. How would you feel if your kid grew up to be trolled, started getting depressed and ended up feeling suicidal or actually killing themselves? We need to grow up as a society and stop hating on each other for fun. It should not be social norm to hate. So trolls, no matter how much you troll, these youtubers will only continue to grow, you still give them comments on their videos and views so you are adding to their popularity. 

Always supporting and voting for you.
Josephine Beth-xx 


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  3. Medical conditions are anomalies to this, I am not against or for cannabis or drugs like that. I know people who use it for ADHD and such, I'm just saying aside from that if you use it for pleasure the influence on young people is greater. The post wasn't on drugs it was about morals and values of youtubers and being a role model to their viewers. All I'm saying is her actions to not glamourise drugs is so the younger views don't get the wrong idea. I'm technically focusing on the pleasure usage, and that when people get to a certain age using cannabis for pleasure shouldn't be the norm if they have a family, babies and such.

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