E.L.F Dual day and night lipstick review

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 This double lipstick is perfect for both day and night, it is easy to carry and pop into your purse or pocket, also with it having two sides it offers more than a normal lipstick. The day side is a nude pink colour that is neither too vibrant or too dark to match a natural makeup look. Meanwhile, the night side is a dark brown colour that looks amazing with dark eye shadow and heavy eyeliner. It makes your lips look fuller and the pigment goes beautifully with tanned skinned tones.

The application of the lip sticks are very soft, they are creamy and go on to your lips easily while moisturising them at the same time. Preferably do not use a gloss or Vaseline before hand as it makes the lipstick look less pigmented. The product is perfectly durable throughout the day and does not need to be topped up, however does come off on to glass, clothes or tissue as it is not matte.

Here are some pictures of the product and me wearing the night shade:



I would like to say a special thank you to my best friend Soracha for buying me this amazing product and for always supporting me xx

What is your favourite double lipstick? or Elf product?

Always supporting and voting for you.
Josephine Beth-xx 


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