60 Ultimate gift ideas for Men

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Christmas is nearly here!! Even though it is October, that does not stop me from wanting to curl up and watch Christmas movies. For me the best bit of Christmas or any gift giving time is the persons face when they open their presents.
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Many girls get stuck when buying gifts for guys, but here is an ultimate gift guide to help you: 

  1. Virgin experience days - book events or tickets e.g. super car thrill driving experiences, helicopter rides, track days, stadium tours etc. 
  2. An emoji pillow, because why not? cute and funny gift! need a cheap one? Ebay or Amazon, but most shops sell them now!
  3. New trainers 
  4. Branded boxers 
  5. Clothes good place for different brands is Asos.
  6. A funny/cute Onesie 
  7. Personalised robe/item - can be found at Prezzybox
  8. Jar of kisses (chocolate Hersey kisses) Write on the jar (For when I'm not around) 
  9. A box of his favourite snacks, drinks, sweets - I call this a comfort box
  10. Game gift card (from game or a gift card for their favourite game) 
  11. Xbox controller/ Controller for their console (cool patterned wireless one) 
  12. Ornament/collectable/ model of what they like to collect e.g. plane best bet is Ebay, Amazon, TKmaxx or a gift store. 
  13. Dad present - Football team merchandise e.g. A tie with their favourite football team on it, you can get these from the official website or from Amazon or Ebay. 
  14. Football/ sport tickets 
  15. Music concert tickets 
  16. Plan an activity e.g. book JumpGiants (trampoline park), mini golf, cinema, bowling, batting cage, adventure like (GoApe), ice skating/ roller skating, escape room, swimming, paint balling, laser tag, theme park, boat ride, cool/ restaurant or place to eat e.g. cereal cafe 
  17. Buy cool shot glasses - e.g. football team, funky shape, favourite film ones, glow in the dark ones, can be found on Ebay or Amazon. 
  18. A colour changing mug due to heat - novelty gifts found online at Ebay/ Amazon. 
  19. A cool hip flask 
  20. Letters - Write ( open when on the front e.g. open when you miss us and include a picture of you two inside and a letter on your favourite memory) 
  21.  A watch he really wants 
  22. A movie he really likes ( special edition ) 
  23. Tickets to a comedy night/ show
  24. Different camera lenses to attach to his phone e.g. fish eye lens, can be purchased from Ebay or Amazon
  25. Virtual reality glasses or headset 
  26. Drinking games/ games e.g. drunk Jenga, poker, shot roulette, cards against humanity. Can be purchased from Ebay/ Amazon for a cheaper price
  27. Folding beer glass 
  28. Ear phones/ Headphone / gaming headset 
  29. Book of drinking games/ book of a funny topic can be found on Asos
  30. Branded socks/ cool socks 
  31. Self stirring mug 
  32. Funny gift - inflatable crown or zimmer frame 
  33. Cute/funny or cool key ring e.g. light up batman key ring ( available on Ebay/ Amazon)
  34. Cool headphone splitter
  35. Usual toiletries e.g. grooming set and shower set
  36. Funny slippers e.g. emoji or cool batman or other superhero ones 
  37. Water speakers/ speakers
  38.  Crep protect gift pack 
  39. Themed bottle opener e.g. storm trooper 
  40. Portable charger e.g. case/ block 
  41. Retro game boy money box/ pinball machine money box/ Themed character money box
  42. R2- D2 desktop vacuum cleaner 
  43. Drone/ remote controlled car/ helicopter/ star wars robot
  44. Cute flask 
  45. Waterproof phone case 
  46. Branded phone case
  47. Scratch map 
  48. Signed poster from favourite actor/ footballer can be found on Ebay/ Amazon
  49. Film cell of favourite movie/ scene - memorabilia can be found on Ebay/ Amazon 
  50. Grow your own girlfriend 
  51. Smartphone projector 
  52. Alcohol set e.g. whiskey gift, vodka gift (Ciroc or mini set) Purchased from any supermarket 
  53. Photo collage of you and him 
  54. Mood light e.g. Movie theme like Star wars 
  55. Funny toilet roll e.g. patterns like emoji 
  56. Different country sweet/ snack box 
  57. Branded or nice wallet 
  58. His favourite scent, aftershave 
  59. Personalised/ cute water bottle 
  60. Money/ gift card for various shops, or his favourite shop, e.g. JD

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