PrezzyBox #JingleMingle event, Nottingham ft. TalkBeckytalk!!

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26th October 2017
Baresca, Nottingham

Hello guys!
As I go to uni in Nottingham, and without my blogger girlies here to hang with or go to events with, I have had to get used to the blogging scene in Nottingham. Luckily, I got to go with my gorgeous Youtuber/blogger girl Lorelei Yasemin, who is also on my course and she is the most loveliest human, links will be included below!! So my first event in Nottingham was excitedly with... PrezzyBox!!!

PrezzyBox is a company that sells personalised gifts and generally gifts for everyone! If you have no idea what to buy, this company does all the hard work for you, you do not need to use any brainpower, two clicks and that is Christmas shopping done.

My outfit for the event:

Top - Missguided
Jeans - Boohoo
Boots- Sweet Suede

When you first walk into the event, you are welcomed with a complimentary glass of prosecco. This event was very intimate therefore you had time to talk and mingle, as well as not feel so overwhelmed. It was held at Baresca in Nottingham. There were a mixture of bloggers and vloggers at the event, everyone was super lovely and friendly too.

As you go around the room, there were examples of the products they sell on the tables, all the items were so aesthetic and brightly coloured, the tables even had chocolate and candy trees on them! (I really thought they were not edible at first but I was pleasantly surprised when I found out they were) they would make the cutest and yummiest table decoration or present. Here are some pictures of the tables:

The event offered little workshops that you could get involved in, there was a perfume making workshop by: The perfume studio  @perfume_studio. As well as a wrapping workshop that showed us how to make the cutest craft DIY bows. 

There was also a photobooth with cute props, sadly the photographer only put one of mine and Lorelei's photos up and did not include the one where we were holding props :(! But here is the photo, I promise we were happy! 

 After all the mingling, workshops as well as nibbles that came around, it was time for the talk with TalkBeckyTalk and Fran Prince from Prezzybox, with the lovely Prezzybox - Rhiannen Hollyoake reading out the questions. They gave us valuable information on sites that could monitor and help our blogs and YouTube channels. The chat was super helpful, in terms of how to contact and build that important relationship with brands, and how much a smaller brand can offer rather than a bigger one. A lot of tips were offered and it was honestly, one of the best talks I have ever listened to. TalkBeckyTalk, talked about how it is okay to work with a brand for free and how it is okay to pick and choose who you want and do not want to work with.

 I definitely recommend, Prezzybox for Christmas, birthdays or anniversaries. But not only that, I recommend them as a brand if you are an influencer, to work with or to try build a relationship with. Overall it was an amazing day and I am thankful for the experience.

Always supporting and voting for you.
Josephine Beth-xx

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