What's it like going to university in Nottingham?

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I don't think I have spoken much about the city I live in? (maybe I have?) But I grew up and originate from Southeast London. Most people will understand that when you grow up in a place you will feel like you have exhausted all the possibilities to do in that place, and you feel like you want to go somewhere new. So when it came to choosing universities I chose to look for ones outside of London and just as it happens I chose Nottingham. I am going to be honest, moving hours away from London was daunting and I did not know what to expect ( I also didn't like the idea of not having free travel anymore since I was 18 and not going to be in London).
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Here are five things that stood out to me about Nottingham:

1. Everything is so close in Nottingham that you could walk everywhere. This might be because I am living in the city centre but still everything is in walking distance.

2. More fast food places are open for 24 hours e.g. KFC, Mcdonalds and Burger King. This is probably because there is a university in the city centre but this is super convenient after a night out! Even though I live in Southeast London the chicken shops close at like 22:30/11pm and the Mcdonalds near me closes at 12 which is a bummer after a night out.

3. Less chavs - This is a tricky one because, it might be that I am never out at the same time or because I just cannot recognise them because I do not look for them and people dress better here. Even so in SE London you do not look for chavs they just appear in your path like a Pokemon on the Pokemon Go! app.

4. You can't use contactless on Nottingham buses but you can use an app! The buses and transport are different in every city and so there was a lot of questions asked on my part to my friends and Google, but I got there in the end. This is the thing that shocked me the most when I first saw it!!! *drumroll* people in Nottingham are civilised and queue up in a orderly fashion for buses!!! how mad is that!!I just couldn't believe my eyes, if you are from London you know that getting on a bus is basically like a mosh pit in public, because you get pushed everywhere and it is just not civilised in the slightest.

5. Clubbing in Nottingham is so much better, maybe because it is a student city and it will be mostly students while London is full of tourists and old pervy men! But Nottingham is more relaxed and trainers are okay in clubs.

I love Nottingham and it has so many quirky and new places to eat and drink. But London will always be my home and it is where the jobs are, my plan was to always go back to London and never stay in Nottingham but I do recommend coming here for university or to visit! What is even more lovely is because I am a broadcast journalism student we take the cameras out and record and ask people questions, you are more likely to get people in Nottingham that are more willing to help you than people in London! again maybe because it is a student city but it is lovely, Londoners have so much attitude if you look or speak to them, it feels calmer and nicer being in Nottingham because the attitude you get from people aren't really in their bones. Although if you are from London coming to Nottingham you will find it easier to deal with people who have an attitude or busy streets because you are already used to it.

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