First Job interview fail?!

Earlier on in this week I had to turn down an interview for Footasylum due to the interview being too far for me to travel without a car. However, I still did have an interview with another shop on Saturday but this is what happened...

I got to the store where the interview was going to be held early, when the time came for my interview to start the interviewer was no where in sight. Luckily, the store member was so nice to offer me a free hot drink. Anyway, I waited for a whole hour before one of the member told me to possibly try the other store as the area manager last held an interview over there. When I got there I found out that there were around 4 other people in the same position as me, but the only thing I could do was to write down my name and phone number and wait for a reply. There was one other guy there at the same time as me, he was quite nice and told me that I probably have a better chance than him because I am a girl.

All in all, that was a fail so now its just a waiting game again, to all of you waiting for important news or an interview or a job, do not give up and keep applying and waiting! if you weren't supposed to get something it is probably because you were destined for something else.

Always supporting and voting for you.
Josephine Beth-xx 


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