New Puppy!!!

Last Saturday I got a new puppy, who is now 4 months old. He is a cross between a Bichon and Pomeranian therefore fairly small. He is starting to show that he is a very mischievous little pup and already knows how to sit and lie down on command. Not to mention he actually does not like eating from his bowl and would rather the food be on solid flat ground instead.

Having a puppy needs patience and time, he is not potty trained yet an has only had one vaccination therefore can not be taken out for walkies yet! However we are using puppy training pads and they seem to be doing the trick so far. Also we have had to leave him alone quite a few times, so when we do we leave the TV on for him so it feels a little less lonely.

Here are some pictures of Astro:

 I have waited 16 years for a puppy and it is as unreal as my first time at Disneyland as a little girl. I can't believe this little pup is apart of my family, even though sometimes he can get annoying because he follows me everywhere, I love him to bits. If you really want a pup and are told to wait, have patience because they are worth every second of that waiting time.
 Always supporting and voting for you.
Josephine Beth-xx 


  1. That's cute <3 I'm more of a cat person but still cute


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