How I straighten my hair + my favourite dry shampoo

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My hair is naturally very thick and in the middle of curly and wavy, it depends on the day. Last year Easter I got my hair thinned and semi permanently straightened for 6 months while I was in the Philippines. So now it is a bit thinner and not as thick or curly/wavy naturally.

The products I use when straightening my hair are the GHD split end therapy, I use this by massaging it into damp and recently washed hair. It smells absolutely lovely, almost like a Marks & Spencer's hand cream. You can purchase this product here for £19.95:

After I massage the GHD serum into the ends of my hair. I use the TRESemm√© heat defence spray. I spray this on the sides and back of my head, never on top, then I comb my hair to try and spread the product evenly, and again it smells wonderful! I usually prefer the TRESemm√© defence serum but I am waiting to run out of this spray, before I purchase the serum again (which I lost somewhere in the past). I prefer serums because you can feel where you are putting it and make sure it is even, while with sprays your hair gets very wet and you have to spray it evenly in little bits, also making sure you are not spraying it too close to your head, otherwise the product will be concentrated in that area. You can purchase this at Superdrug for £2.61 at the moment here:

My all time favourite hair straightener is my Remington one. I have tried Nicky Clarke straighteners and GHD's, however I actually found that Remington ones work so much better and easier for me. And when I straighten it my hair appears smooth and shiny. Like everyone, I would recommend to split your hair into sections and straighten the sections individually, by slowly gliding it down your hair so you don't have to repeatedly apply heat to the same strand over and over again. Remington's are so fast at straightening and get the job done! My hair stays straight for as long as possible and only goes back to normal when I wash it. I wash my hair every other day so for the day that I did not wash my hair I use dry shampoo to try and make it look less flat, lifeless and dead.

The dry shampoo I use is the Batiste Dry shampoo cherry. I spray this on top, on the sides and at the back of my head, with a fair distance between my hair and spray. Then I massage the product into my head and brush out any left over substance. You can purchase this in different scents at Superdrug for £2.99 here:

What do you use when you straighten your hair? 
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  1. Your hair looks really nice and shiny in your picture! Did you know there are four different hair types? Type 1 is straight, type 2 is wavy, type 3 is curly and type 4 is kinky. I'm guessing your hair is type 2 as it's thick and wavy as you described. My hair is naturally curly - I have had it straightened and tried to do it myself a couple of times but it's such a nightmare, takes forever. I prefer to just leave it natural plus I've dyed it a lot so it's sort of damaged lol. Check out my blog post all about hair and hair types:

    1. Thank you!!, it only is ever shiny when I straighten it aha! really? yeah it sounds like my hair is type 2, awwwww curly hair is so lovely though, looks amazing! aha I am thinking of dying my hair but I have never dyed my hair before. Ofc would love to check your blog post out, I will do it now!!


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