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1st April 2017, London
The bloggers market is a free event open to all, where bloggers who own the blogs: Wish wish wish, What Olivia did, I want you to know and Shiny thoughts, sell their items from sizes 6-14 at discounted prices. Not only is it a shopping event which is cash only, it also provides free events that you can sign up to on the day! As well as refreshments and sweets, to refuel your energy while you take a break from shopping or the activities.

On the day, everyone was so friendly and helpful, it was a very civilised event, no pushing or crazy ladies fighting over the same item. At one stand there was a Urban decay palette for sale for £10, but sadly by the time I ran to the cash point and came back, it was gone - take it from me guys and girls, when you see something you like, buy it! because I always seem to be missing out on stuff because I am too chill, and think it will still be there in a few minutes *insert crying face here*.

Despite my loss! I did pick up a few amazing and cute clothes plus an item while I was there! Here they are below:

The first thing I picked up was this adorable gold metallic skirt for £5. at first I was worried what I would pair this with, but I have now come to realise it would go perfectly with a plain t shirt, whether it be a plain white crop shirt or a normal length t shirt, even more what I have been loving lately is wearing a plain t shirt and tying it on the side, to accentuate my curves/ body shape/ waist. I love bold clothing, these types of colours or clothing's will make you stand out, it is never a bad thing if it is your style.

I then picked up this side split roll neck shirt for £4. this was made of a thick material which felt like a jumper with no sleeves. It is absolutely gorgeous and looks amazing over a pair or skinny jeans.
Dungarees are coming back into style since summer is slowly approaching! So I have been aching to get my hands on a pair of these for a while now. I picked up this denim dungaree dress that had frays at the bottom for £5. This would look amazing with any plain top underneath, I would preferably go with white.
Lastly I was staring at this item for a while, and in all honesty have no idea why I bought it and where I would wear it! but it kept catching my eye on the rack! It was this long line orange faux fur gilet for £10. The reason I was so drawn to it was because of the fact it was a faux fur gilet as well as the vibrant colour, which could look amazing and bright in summer as well as blend in with orange autumn vibes. When I decide to wear this, I will probably wear simple clothes like a plain top and skinny jeans, trying to keep the colours to a minimum and patterns as well as trying to choose complimenting colours. Along with this I picked up a soap & glory pore mask and fill ( which I gave to my friend for her birthday) but never the less anything for the skin and masks in general! is always a must to try out. I picked this up for £4 I believe.

I had an amazing day, and would definitely recommend this event for future goers! because its an amazing opportunity to talk to some of your favourite bloggers, as well as buy stuff for a discounted price! Not to mention not all of the profits goes to them, as they donate a part of the profit to their chosen charities!

Always supporting and voting for you.
Josephine Beth-xx


  1. Love the items you picked up, especially the skirt!
    This sounds like a really nice event :D

    Starlight & Stitches

  2. Thank you! Yup I'm loving the skirt too! It's so cute!
    It was a good event! Xo

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