Avoid BarRumbaDisco London unless you like older and foreign men

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Last night was an eventful one.  http://www.barrumbadisco.co.uk/
Shaftesbury Ave, London

We got into this club on a guys guest list (thanks stranger). First thoughts are that it was nice looking. The guards were nice enough, and so on. The cloakroom guy was nice, although £2 per item, really? But whatever their club their rules right? 

Towards the toilet and seating area where the bar is at the back, it smelt like vomit, so not very appealing in that sense. On the dance floor, there were air conditioning vents in the walls therefore it kept the dance floor super cool, which is a plus, because people get very sweaty when dancing and some people stink of BO. The dance floor was pretty spacious and big which is another plus, even though it does get very packed. As for the music, they did it right and checked that box again, therefore what could go wrong with the atmosphere. 

Here is where it went wrong: 
Everyone knows that the club can be the nicest but the people can change the whole vibe. Now I would not advise anyone who is 18 or quite young to attend this club in just a girl group. Firstly, the club is full to the brim of men over the age of 23 until middle aged. Which is not a comfortable environment for a young girl, because I am guessing you want to be hit on by people your own age or around your age, not people who should be settled down, married, have kids or be in a committed relationship, have a stable career and so on. Secondly, the club is full of foreign men, and what makes it even worse, is that the men, fully grown MEN do not understand the word no. I was calm at first but had to get worked up because the guy did not know the meaning of no and would not leave my friend alone. If my friend asks me for help, obviously I am going to help her. This essentially ruined the mood and vibe for me, even though I tried not to let it. Also the ratio of men to women was that there were more men, which is not uncommon or bad but, just thought I would add this in for any male readers. 

Overall I would like to say that this club is not a must if you are young, you would be better off in other clubs. Who knows maybe it was the day we went, or just that night but the desperation off of most of this establishments' male customers, is disgusting, and they should work on who they want to attract and who they want to cater for.

Always supporting and voting for you.
Josephine Beth-xx

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