Exuviance face mask and cream works wonders on dry skin!

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Dry skin is a big problem for most people, and finding ways to control it or get rid of it is another problem people face. Look no further, I have found a cream that works!

Exuviance Retexturing treatment which can be found here:

This cream can be used on a daily basis, it can be used to banish dry, flaky rough skin on arms and legs. Restores smooth radiant skin and exfoliates and lightly hydrates. Indeed it does everything above. I used this cream for a month on my left elbow, as it was very rough, dry and flaky at first, within 2 days it began to smooth out, no white dry lines, no bumpy skin, just smoothness if you run your hand over it.

When you open the cream up, it smells strongly chemically, but in a good way? you could describe it as a faint nail polish smell, as well as fresh it is almost a comforting smell that if the word dermatologist had a smell, this is what it would smell like, personally I like it. The cream is thick but not stiff, and white, it feels refreshing and cooling, it is like it melts on your skin and is not sticky. But as the saying goes, a little goes a long way. There is no stinging involved.

Now everyone who knows me, knows that I love peel - off masks. This Exuviance rejuvenating treatment masque is peel off, it rejuvenates, enhances cell turnover and contains antioxidant multivitamins. It can be found here: http://www.effortlessskin.com/p-572-rejuvenating-treatment-masque-74ml.aspx

This mask smells the same as the cream, it also feels very hydrating and refreshing on your skin. I suggest using a bit more product for a thicker mask, but all in all it peels off well and cleanly. I have used this mask 3 times already and it has calmed my spots as well as made my skin feel smoother, fresher and brighter.

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