Are Ebay clothes worth it?

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I am here to test and review a recent dress I purchased from Ebay. Now I absolutely love the idea of jumper dresses, or dresses that are made from casual comfy clothes that is perfect for a lazy day, simply because instead of a tracksuit it is one thing you have to put on, plus it is comfy.

The dress I bought was a grey women's hoodie bodycon dress for £7.12. Other colour options were, Navy blue and black and white stripes. The seller no longer sells the product but I will give you this link to where you can purchase it on Ebay:

This is what it looked like on Ebay:
And this is what it looks like on me:

My first impressions were that it was comfy, tight but not too tight more like snug, a perfect fit really. In relation to the picture it was exactly the same, even down to the detail where the strings were different lengths, ( what I like to do, is tuck the strings inside so no one can see them ). As it is a casual outfit it would look good with sliders, sneakers or trainers.

The only downfall is that, as you can see from the picture, the dress is quite short on her. Now I am 4"11 and I can promise you now that the dress came up short on me too:

I don't know, but maybe if I did not have boobs or curves/fat it would not be as short. But the point stands that the picture did not lie and every time I was walking I had to pull the dress down at the back, as it kept rising up.

What I do love about this dress though is that it is simple but the hood and the pocket at the front makes it look so cute. I would definitely recommend this item if you do not mind short clothing. It is super comfy and easy to move in. The price is not half bad, the material feels reasonable. The shipping took normal time 3-5 days as it came from England. FREE shipping too!!

All I have to say about buying from Ebay is that it can be totally worth it if you know how to pick the right clothes. Like you have to choose clothes where you can rule out what type of material they are going to be. At all costs stay away from scuba material. Ways to know are checking descriptions or looking at photos, or just trying to order clothes where the material have no way to be bad. Also checking reviews too is handy. All in all though most sellers will allow you to send the item back as well as give you a refund, so if this happens buying the item in your country is handy so you do not need to ship it internationally.

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