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I  honestly came across this website before when searching for cheap clothing, shoes etc. However I never did buy off them, until recently, due to seeing Owlaila (Naila) purchasing these fabulous metallic shoes as seen on her insta @Owlailaaa. What did I buy you ask? well these two fabulous items that I absolutely love!

The first thing I had to, HAD TO put in my basket was the, faux fur tote chained handbag in the colour aqua, sadly they did not have a black but aqua is equally as gorgeous! I was so excited when it came, it is so soft and really spacious a folder or two could easily fit inside! What I love about it, is that it is big but it does not look huge on my person, therefore a bold, fluffy and cute statement to make with an outfit. As for the second thing I put in my basket, it was the Suedette 3D rose heeled sandals. First thoughts were that when I opened the box, I was in love. They were perfect, the heels are not that high but not that short. It is lace up so it goes up your ankle, not very long which is good. The shoes are very comfy, very. And the roses give a classy feminine, cute vibe to the shoe, and compliments it well, from what I can see, the shoes are well made and does not look like the roses will be coming off anytime soon! The shoes are by the brand, Nio Nio. In total the basket came to £10 + £4.45 shipping = £14.45 altogether. You can tell me if that is a fair price for shipping, taking in to consideration all of their items are £5 each? The items came in 4 days so pretty reasonably fast.

Here is the link for the bag:

Here is the link for the shoe:

Have you shopped with Everything5Pounds before? what is your experience? 
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