A Winter fashion statement that will never die: The scarf

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The first year I noticed was 2014. This was the year that all the girls wore scarves over their school uniforms, over shirts or over anything that they were wearing. Now obviously scarves original purpose was to keep the neck warm and have an extra warmth/ layer for the Winter or colder seasons. In other words scarves have been worn for years and years.

 As many of those who watch Gossip girl, or who have watched the TV show, Chuck Bass's signature style, is the scarf. The only difference with the style on girls now a days, is that the scarf has become an item that can replace a jacket, coat or cardigan, it is not taken off with a jacket and can be kept on, also is not only used for warmth but for style. So if you have not caught onto this wave yet here is why you should!

Here are scarves benefits for girls: 
  • It completes an outfit like a necklace or a belt
  • It covers your boobs 
  • It can cover any insecurities you have i.e tummy/stomach 
  • Keeps you warm (Obviously) 
  • Replaces any outerwear clothing 
  • Does not need to be taken off, it is an indoor and outdoor item. One of which where your teachers in school cannot tell you to take it off unlike coats and jackets. 
Moral of this story is, you can never go wrong with a scarf, if you feel like your outfit is lacking something, wear a scarf. Not even the snood could replace the long scarf.

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