Eyelashes: With vs without mascara

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(With Mascara)

Ever since I have started wearing fake eyelashes, I have always put mascara on before applying the lashes. Only until recently, I was forced to try the eyelashes without mascara, not because I wanted to but because, I just came back from uni and I forgot my mascara at uni. And the only thing I had that could remotely add length or volume to my eyes would be my fake eyelashes. 
At first it was a weird concept to me because, all of the You Tuber's I watch and all of my friends apply mascara beforehand, so I am not going to lie I did ask Google, if applying lashes without mascara was acceptable. 

Now there is a notable difference between the photos, for example, in the first photo all I have on are eyebrows and eyelashes, while in the second photo, I have a full face of make up on. But now with trying both methods, I can confirm which method I will be using from now on and when and why. 

Benefits for without Mascara: 

  • Easy and quick to apply, it does not take up too much time 
  • No need to remove any makeup from the eyes because of no mascara 
  • Leaves cleaner fake eyelashes 
  • Easier to put on and see the lash line 

Benefits for with Mascara:

  • Extra volume 
  • Extra length 
  • It makes your eyelashes darker 
  • You can easily blend your eyelashes with the fake ones 

As you can see both of the methods have their own benefits, as well as may share some. My method that I ultimately prefer is to put fake eyelashes on without mascara, this is mainly because I love the fact of lengthening my lashes without the added time of hassle in the morning, and I find that this method takes less time when putting it on, as well as taking less time when taking off your makeup. The way I would do my eyelashes now is to curl my eyelashes, then apply the fake eyelashes, the only step I miss out is the two coats of mascara. 

Which one is your preferred method? 
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