Perfect present filler 001: pocket hand sanitisers

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When gifting a present for someone, you often want to be unique or want to find something someone will love, because of smell, packaging or because it's something they have never seen before.  Hand sanitisers are a cute addition as a present filler that everyone will love and can use.

Here are my top 4:
 1. Bath & body works Pocketbac hand sanitisers - This brand is American so it is harder and more expensive to obtain it if you are in the UK. For the USA from bath and body works they are $6 for 5 in a pack, which is about £4.29 which = less than £1 each. For the UK you can purchase these on Ebay, Depop and other sites where people can sell items. On Ebay they are usually sold for £3 each, or £10 + for a bundle on buy now or auction, also they usually add shipping to it. In my opinion I know that it is hard to obtain in the UK and people have to make money but, they overprice it so much on these sites. Although I say this, I find these products so worth it, as they have various scents and smell amazing as well as various slogans and quirky colours for the liquid and packaging. You can also buy holders with these and attach it to your bag.

2. Mad Beauty hand sanitisers - There sanitisers come in different scents and packaging. There are three packaging variations you can get:
1. Rectangle hand sanitisers which are £2.99 each
2. Jelly belly hand sanitisers £3.99
3. Clip & clean hand sanitisers ready to attach to your bag for £2.50

3. Soap & Glory - These can be found at Boots, there are two scents:
1. Hand maid for £2.50 
2. Sugar crush for £2.50  

4.  The body shop hand sanitisers - These are perfect for a small gift filler, perfect for travelling and is available in 4 different scents: Mango, Absinthe, coconut and satsuma. They are sold for £2.50 each except the Absinthe in £3 each. 

Et voilĂ  ! xo 

Hope this post helps anyone that needs something small to add to a present or does not know what to get someone because they are hard to buy for. 

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