Valentines edition 002: Exploding photo box

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This cute, thoughtful and handmade present is perfect for displaying memories in a different and unique way. It is also a good sentimental gift that can be kept and looked back on in the future.
I am going to show you how to make the basic structure of the box and lid ( I am on a student budget spending an extra £1 on glitter or decorative supplies really hurts my bank account)

Here is what you will need:
Coloured card A3 paper x4
Tape/ glue ( glue is much easier and quicker to work with)
A pencil/ pen
6x4 print out photos

Any other decorative craft supplies you want to make the box look pretty


The lid-

1. Fold one of your A3 papers into a square, by folding one corner to the bottom edge of the paper, then crease it well. The excess that is hanging off needs to be cut off.

2. We are now going to make crease lines to make it easier to fold. Open up the recent made square paper and fold it diagonally into a triangle on the other side to create a cross crease when you open it back up.

3. Now unfold and fold the paper in half horizontally, then fold it again to make a square.

4. Unfold it again flat and fold one half of the paper vertically towards the middle, lining up the edge with the middle, repeat this on the other side. Then repeat this on the other side.

5. Next is the tricky part, You want to fold on the crease in the corner of the paper that looks like a in square in the corner. To do this you need to fold the corner of the tiny square to the edge of the paper. To make this simpler I have made a video on what you need to do at this part:

You need to repeat this on all four sides, paper clipping the corners as you go. Then you need to glue/tape the flaps so you get clean sides and a lid shape.

Making the box:

1. Using one of your 6x4 photos, position the middle of the photo in the middle of the paper. Next you need to mark the sides of the photos to outline if it will fit on the page you will cut out. You want to mark it vertically down the A3 paper, you want to repeat this on the opposite end of the paper.

2. Cut along the marks/outlines you made to reveal a rectangle shape. Repeat this with 2 more A3 papers.

3. Next you want to fold the rectangle twice, once on each side that they overlap. Repeat this on he other two rectangles. Like the picture.

4. Stick the rectangles together by only sticking the middle/ bottom square of the rectangle -  each layer following the pattern, vertical, horizontal, vertical, horizontal.

5. Decorate your pages and fold them upwards, put the lid on.

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Et voilĂ  ! xo 

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