Five things I constantly worry about at university

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As many of you know I started uni last year and have now completed my first year! It was honestly a tough one for me but I did it! Here are a few obstacles I encountered at uni.

1. Food:
University involves you living by yourself, doing everything for yourself. When you are busy and have tons of exams or work to do you just do not have the energy to make a fancy dinner. Or you buy food but you find that you wait too long to use it and it all expires super quickly! (What a pain, am I right?!) There is also that problem of first year where, if you are living with people and you are not as close to them or "friends" going into the kitchen can be a nightmare, I have had days where I do not want to go into the kitchen because there is people in there and I do not want to stop and make small talk (because let's face it, it is so pointless and the same small talk every single time you see the same person/people.) I also do not want them to judge what I am eating, whether it be a really simple meal or a wacky one. Being comfortable with people is a big thing and being friends with your flatmates should probably be priority when first moving into your accommodation. Another point is that if I run out of washing up liquid and it is because I forgot to buy a spare or because my flatmates have used it all, the shop is so daunting for me because sometimes I just do not have the energy, but if I don't have it then I am more reluctant to cook because I want to wash up straight away and it bugs me to just leave my dirty plate/bowl in my room or on the side in the kitchen.

2. Laundry:
This one is always and will probably always be taunting you at the back of your mind. Like I said if you do not have flatmates or friends who live in your accommodation that are willing to do stuff like this with you, it makes you more reluctant to want to do it by yourself. Plus, the washing in my accommodation is £2 and the drying is £1 which is totally fine except the dryer never works! no matter if I pay to dry it again it will still come out wet and I have to find other ways like air drying my clothes in my room. Not to mention carrying laundry can be heavy and a bit much for one person if you have to carry the powder and fabric softener and your laundry all at the same time, also my laundry room is not that far away but it is on the other side of my accommodation.

3. Naps:
I think my downfall at uni which got worse as the year went on was the fact that I had too many naps. These naps felt needed at the time because I would often feel tired and not energised, however they would just make me feel more tired when I woke up. My advice is to not to take too many naps, engage and hang out with people, and fill up your time with doing things instead of wasting it away by napping.

4. Did I really have free time or did I just cut into my revision time:
This is a big thing, time management, first year honestly does not count and you will probably start off the year feeling like you want to get the best grade possible to show your potential, however I can guarantee that towards the end all you want to do is pass. First year really is not a big thing, regardless of how much our tutors or lecturers have talks or put pressure on you. But that does not mean to always half ass stuff, I mean still try your best but do not kill yourself over it if it is making you so stressed you feel like you cannot go on. Never put your health in danger for anything, even education. But I personally spent too much time on Netflix, Youtube, ITV player and BBC player watching tv shows that it would distract me so much and make me feel less motivated. So be wary of getting addicted to binge watching! I mean you are allowed breaks.

5. Clothes, what to wear, how I looked:
At the start of the year you care about making a good impression, I literally put false lashes on for maybe a few weeks or was it a month? no idea! but for a short while. After a while I gave up an just went into uni in my usual face at home which is just eyebrows and mascara. Beauty is pain but if you are not comfortable you will not have a good day!!. The most important thing is to feel comfortable in your clothes and your own skin, try to not worry too much if you aren't dressed the best or look tired because I promise you there will be people hungover who just rolled out of bed just to get to seminars and lecturers.

University first year for some is an absolute breeze! But others have to work hard to find their place, it is okay if it takes a while for you to settle, you will get there in the end. Stressing does no one any good, so try to remind yourself that you will get to where you want to be in end if you are determined and if you really want it, if you do not end up where you want to be then something else is meant for you. It is also perfectly fine for you to not like uni and quit or if you wan to repeat the year again at the same or a different uni, sometimes it is not your time or you are not ready.

Always supporting and voting for you.
Josephine Beth-xx

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