My First Internship: Week Two!

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25th June 2018
10:00am - 18:00pm

A new girl joined today and she is so lovely, and funny enough she goes to the same university as me, on the course that I did before I switched, she is also a year above me and is going into her third year while I am going into my second. I also learnt  how to write up recipes, which P showed me, she is another intern and it is fairly simple. The day went pretty quick, the work was okay there was enough to do. During lunch time I helped P to take some of their packages to be returned to the post office, as it was a hot day the assistant of the founder of the company offered to get us an uber to the post office. It took us ages to sort through the parcels as P had to enter the postcode and first line of address for each parcel. We then walked back to the office. It was soooooo hot!!

Today was busier and had more work to be done, but it did get slower towards the end of the day. The computer I was on was the laptop that L was on last week, and the wifi on the laptop cuts out at least once a day, luckily I was not doing anything that I could not save without wifi!

I returned a parcel by myself and it was my birthday, but I never mentioned it so no one at work new aha.

Today was actually P's last day, sad to see her go tbh, but it is nice to get to know new people, especially since everyone so far has been so lovely. I did have a busy day going in and out of the office though because, my first job was to get a refund and return products to Sainsbury's, there was a whole bag full and a pillow, they were worried that Sainsbury's would not take back the pillow because the tag fell off. I did not know where the Sainsbury's was so the videographer showed me the way as she was walking that way, we talked on the way and she said that her department always needs help and offered to let me help when they needed it, which I was buzzing, I have yet to be asked but maybe next week, I have two more weeks left. When I got to Sainsbury's I could not find the receipt, but the manager found it in the bag anyway. Long story short I returned everything even the bag and I feel so sorry for the girl processing my order because she looked new and had to get her manager to help. After this I walked back to the office, it was so hot and I was so glad I did not have to carry anything because all of that stuff did have weight to it, because it was bowls, plates and glass. The other time I was asked to leave the office was to help P deliver their parcels to a shop for them to be delivered, this was a much more quicker job and it was not heavy and I did not need to walk far. We were let go early because towards the end there wasn't many things to do.

This day was just me and A (the intern that goes to my uni). It was a slow day, as we did most of the work a couple of days before.  We also found out as well as having a new girl next week, we also have a 15 year old girl on work experience only for a couple of days, her teacher inspected the company. This was my first Friday as I left early last week, but apparently we always leave early on Friday's and this day we did leave early whoop!!

Et voilĂ  ! xo 

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