Attending my first Filipino Debut

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22nd September 2018

I always get excited going back to Philippines, I love my family. love my cousins and love the food. 

Last year was different, I was old enough to understand the dialect and to speak and communicate with my cousins, because they do not seem to want to speak English to me, and I totally understand, it can be scary to speak to a native in a language you are not very confident in. I definitely was scared speaking in Ilonggo just in case I got things wrong, so I did speak in broken English with Ilonggo.

It was so weird but a proud moment to see how much my cousins have grown up. The birthday girl LJ, really shocked me, how gorgeous she grew up to be, how tall and how smart. It is so odd to be apart from people for years and then suddenly one day come together. Social media is wonderful but it is so not the same as being there in real life. I am so thankful that I got to experience this with her and my family, and you better bet I did all I could to give her what she deserved on that day and to help.

I can still remember the feeling of my lips being so sore and chapped despite the amount of vaseline I put on them, from blowing up balloons, pretty sure I did over a hundred of them.

I created a little video, of the highlights from the night which went into wayyyy into the night. There was so much food, laughter, tears, dancing and chatting. So many people turned up, the amount of family and friends and the community all supported my baby cousin. It is amazing to see how life is so different, people are so kind and I know that those who couldn't be there would be so happy and proud. I definitely cried that night from the speeches given and at one point I got laughed at because I was crying but, I was just so into my feelings.

I would love to share so many moments from my holiday last year but unfortunately, I brought my ex and that kind of ruins the videos therefore, I am not going to edit the footage together and quite frankly deleted it.

Final thoughts though, family is important and sharing moments, events and experiences with them is so worth while. Life is short, grab it while you can and share it with those who matter most, as well as treasure the right people.

 Always supporting and voting for you.

Josephine Beth-xx

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