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Miracle of the Apple device?!

  Follow my blog with Bloglovin 10th February 2021 London Do you ever Google something but can't find an article that relates to your situation? Same. Hopefully this will relate to you! Now this is not my first Apple Iphone post, as many of us Apple users will know they do come with their faults and drawbacks. But lets get into it... A month ago my Iphone X started to lag, no matter if I closed all my applications, the lag was prominent. A few days after, my battery started to decrease really fast (within minutes), not long after this whenever my phones battery hit 50% it would just shut off. The peculiar thing was that, it would then restart and switch back on to show me the battery at 1% and then quickly die until plugged in after.  Like any normal human, I googled, looked at threads on reddit and Apple forums to see how to fix it. In my head I was thinking (OH NO I HAVE TO BUY A NEW PHONE!). You must be thinking, why can't this girl just upgrade? well, I actually have a sim

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