Act of kindness: by a stranger

Story time:
On the bus the bus driver was observant and noticed a dropped credit card on the floor therefore he proceeded to ask a man who got on if it was his, this man proceeded to say no it wasn't. However, what this man did was what surprised me!

Instead of keep walking on to the bus he proceeded to ask a sixth former who got on the bus in front of him if the credit card was his. Moreover, the credit card did belong to the sixth former, if the man did not tell this boy then this boy could be in trouble if he lost it, numerous of things could of happened just because he lost his credit card. 

Ultimately, what I want you to take from this is that, it is better to speak up and deal with the problem,  rather than walking away from it. Helping others is something to be valued in humanity, as well as something to not be unnoticed. I believe in karma, therefore if you have the chance to make someone else's day brighter, or save it from becoming duller, do not hesitate to take that opportunity to make a change and speak up. We were given the ability to speak as well as the freedom of speech. Furthermore, use that ability because you are not wrong for speaking up for something you believe in.

Always supporting and voting for you.                          
Josephine Beth-xx


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