Why study leave should be allowed

In school you're always told that attendance and punctuality matters, when you know how to read, write and spell you have the ability to teach yourself and self learn. Many people teach themselves how to play  musical instruments or dance so why not education. When you get to the point where you are 15 and 16, sitting your GCSEs you have learnt everything you need and all that is left is revision. Therefore why do some schools insist on not giving study leave? It's down to trust and doubting the students ability power, they know some students won't do work, or can't work by themselves, however when you get to the end of secondary it's about independence, as when you go into college or sixth form it's all about being independent.

Furthermore, if you give the time and effort, you can teach yourself and become what you think is "smart". However, if those people who think they are 100% focused and will achieve the top grades because they THINK they are studying hard, however what they are  doing is going to parties, getting drunk, getting high just because they feel they need a break. THESE people need a reality check, they need to know that you can't have everything, you can't afford to waste time because time will always count down. 

Ultimately, I would like to say for my school we don't get study leave, and let me say all they are doing is spoon feeding the students and not allowing some of those unstable students to depend on their own ability. My school complains about how we do not do anything when all they are doing is spoon feeding us, let me just say STOP, and allow study leave to be an option again, let those students fail that do not want to put the effort in, the only reason they do not allow study leave anymore is because the grades of the school and the reflection of how well the school does matters more than the pupils. When you are in the place of work, NO one will hold your hand to guide you every step of the way, NO one will spoon feed you, NO one can do your work for you, and YOU will not have the option to not work unless you don't want to earn any money, therefore messing around has to decrease as you grow up. YOU need to GROW UP.

Always supporting and voting for you.                          
Josephine Beth-xx


  1. Your article is very true and no one is going to push you as much as you do yourself. I do my push my self but I do count on a lot of family and friend encouragement.


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