Egotistical people

Story time:
There is this girl who lives around my area. She gets on at my stop and she also gets the same bus when in fact she could clearly walk (but that's none of my business). Anyway whenever she gets on the bus she is rude, loud, and she will not hesitate to push you out of the way in order to get on the bus first. 

Furthermore, as she had to get off and I was standing near the door she proceeded to walk forward and shouted "I hope people aren't gonna stand in the way again" in a rude manner ( I have now realised that she says this every single day).  However let me say, YES I was going to move, YES I will not stay there to block her path and YES I will wait for the bus to stop to move, because quite frankly I do not want to fall over while walking and there was not much space to move as people were getting off from all directions. Therefore let me ask, does she want me to magically float in thin air to let her pass? Because NO that's something I'm not able to do. 

Additionally, let me add that on buses you do not to be rude or even anywhere where you are walking, you do not need to say anything just move around them as they could be trying their hardest to move for you, you never know. Unless there is a clear path or space where there is plenty of room then yes maybe you can say excuse me or at least have the decency to be polite. Being rude and jumping to conclusions is wrong. To be honest I do not mind people saying anything about me quietly towards me only or behind my back If they are a stranger, to say something in front of someone's face like that and let the whole world know is embarrassing, rude and just a tad bit stupid.

Ultimately, obviously you have to ignore it to avoid any "beef" arguments you get the drift, but you also have the right to state your opinion if needed. You do not need egotistical people in your life and to be honest they will only bring you down, they need to be taught to be compassionate and not to be so self centred that they are blinded by their own thoughts. It is good to have confidence but too much is a turn off and is simply not going to help you when you get a job or move up in life, as I'm sure your boss would not accept having to work with a difficult EGOTISTICAL person.

Always supporting and voting for you.                           
Josephine Beth-xx


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  2. Firstly I have to say your cursor is soooo cute!! Regarding your post, you will meet these people your whole life, they have the "Ego disease", there is no cure and they will probably pass it on to their children and so the cycle continues. As you said ignoring is probably best, carry on and live a happy life, I guarantee you these people are unhappy and that's why they feel the need to make themselves seem important.

  3. Thanks. This really spoke to me as I am going through this with somebody right now. Thanks,


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