Don't touch, grab or hold me!

Let me tell you how many times I actually rant about bus journeys and bus lines.

Story time** 
No matter what, you never touch a stranger and grab their arm on purpose. 
As we know when getting on buses you do have to line, however now a days we all know people just get on the bus whenever they get a chance or walk up to it. To be honest I don't mind that because as long as there is no pushing and shoving there is no problem. Although with me usually Even if I am there first I will still let other people on first. 

Today, as the bus went past at school we were forced to walk to Broadway, a bus was already there so my friends ran ahead while I took my time a bit behind, when we got there an old man grabbed me by the arm in a motion to pull me back and said, "there's a line" however, he is right but he should never have touched my arm, he doesn't even live far, I live at the last stop of the bus and if he is complaining again get a car!  Moreover, if I was 20,30 or even 40 he wouldn't have dared touched me, if I was tall and intimidating he wouldn't have touched me, if I was a boy he wouldn't have touched me, therefore why did he touch me and not any of my other friends? 

Moral of the story is society is changing and today you shouldn't be fussed about people going in front (on buses) when they haven't been waiting long because it will happen!!! Moreover NEVER TOUCH OR GRAB SOMEONE YOU DONT KNOW! 

Always supporting and voting for you.
Josephine Beth-xx 


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