Relationship: paranoia and trust

We all know as you get older most people go through a number of relationships until they meet their certain "someone". However, those lucky ones find that person quick and easy.

We always get told that paranoia isn't a good quality to have in a relationship, however, does that not show that you care? Although people would then argue that you should trust your other person and have faith that they won't deceive you. But remember you're only human, you still feel jealous, you still feel angry, you still feel hurt, you are allowed and a reason why people may say that you should trust 100% is because those people never talk about their insecurities or at least share it with other people. 

Of course I'm not saying you should always have doubt but the little bit of fear or doubt can mean that you really like/love them and that you care and that you don't really want to lose them. 

Now, we all have heard those stories about people who act different in front of their friends compared to when it's just you and them. The usual advice people would give if you felt uneasy or felt like the other person was being cold, would be that you should talk it out, communicate and discuss it while sorting out the problem. But then there's the doubt that you could make them angry or annoyed which could lead to more problems. 

From a girls perspective guys don't really understand our insecurities and why we get paranoid. Whether this paranoia is feeling unloved, or a fear of being cheated on. Usually, for me if I feel this way it's down to me, it's my insecurity it's more about me than trust.  

Ultimately, trust is good to have because it shows you rely on them and that you have faith that they only love you, but you have to remember that everyone is different and some people can suffer from things that can't be seen. My main point is that trust can mean you care and that people function in different ways. Remember that relationships aren't supposed to be easy and it's as much work as
friendships. Because now instead of "I" you are a "we".

Always supporting and voting for you.
Josephine Beth-xx 


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