Can't go wrong with a bodysuit and Jeans

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Last Friday I went out for one of my girls 18th Birthday meal, and the dress code was heels and jeans.

Now if you feel like you do not have a clue what to wear with jeans to a night out or a party, when in doubt turn to bodysuits and jeans.

Lets start with my heels, these heels are absolutely gorgeous and glisten in any light, they are from the brand Krasceva. The base colour is silver with good height to them and a chunky platform in the front and a medium skinny heel at the back.

My bodysuit and jeans were from The body suit is called 'Petite Ruby zip front bodysuit' which costed me £6.00. It is a sassy bodysuit with a zip down the front that goes halfway, with the base colour as black. The body suit is stretchy and a light material, as well as at the bottom a clip that unclips so it is easy to take off and put on as well as pull up if you need the loo.

As for the jeans, they are ripped jeans also from, they are called 'Anna mid rise cloudy rip skinny jeans' which costed me £15.00. These jeans are a good fit around the waist and the leg, even though there are tiny folds at the ankle it fits reasonably well for my height of 4"11. They are also very comfy and easy to move in, also for me at least there was no need for a belt as they sat perfectly.

What's your favourite bodysuit or top to pair with ripped jeans?
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Josephine Beth-xx 


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