Top 5 cheap mascaras

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Sometimes you may need a replacement mascara or simply don't have the budget to buy a super expensive mascara at that moment in time. Here are 5 mascaras, that will not dent your bank account.

Whenever I do my mascara I always use two mascaras, one as a base and the second for extra volume and lengthening. Here are the top 5 mascaras from lowest to highest price:

1. Essence Lash princess volume mascara, £3.30 Wilko. This mascara has a cute and pretty packaging, the brush is curved with short bristles. It gives a defined a extreme black colour onto your lashes that do not flake or smudge throughout the day.

2. Collection volumising mascara 10x extra volume, £3.99 Superdrug. This vibrant hot pink packaging is attractive and appealing. The brush has long bristles and is thick and straight, it gives you extra volume and separates your lashes easily without clamping or making your lashes stick together. I usually pair this one with my above essence mascara.

3. Collection lengthening mascara length and definition, £3.99 Superdrug. This has green packaging, the product leaves a defined black colour on your lashes. The brush is thin and straight for easy access to the roots of your lashes and for separating the lashes while lengthening them.

4. Maybelline collosal go extreme! Leather black mascara, £6.99 Superdrug. This is a pigmented mascara with soft long bristles and a thick pine shape brush. The mascara softly applies onto your lashes and gives you extra volume. 

5. Maybelline lash sensational mascara 01 very black. £7.99 Superdrug. This mascara was best drugstore mascara last year and one of Zoella's favourite drugstore mascaras too. As you can see I have used it so much and that it is old by how the writing has rubbed off of it. It has a pretty pink packaging with a curved brush. The mascara gives you defined lashes with a strong black colour. The brush easily separates lashes and applies mascara without your eyelashes looking like spider legs.
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