Driest cheap facial wipes ever?!

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 I am all for last minute buys, especially this school term. I am also one for cheap deals and prices, as well as experimenting with new brands or products. 

On Wednesday this week I finished school early (the only time in two weeks), so I went to Wilko because I needed revision cards and out of laziness I did not want to walk to Superdrug, so I just picked up face wipes in there. Now not everything cheap is bad but these were one of those prove the stereotype right kind of things. It costed me 50p not bad not bad, and I always go for combination skin.

When I opened the packet at home it felt like paper, on my skin it felt like a dry cloth, not damp or wet. There was literally no moisture. Now my original reaction was "what is this!" but I said let me just give it a chance because maybe the first one was just the driest. Wrong! they literally are all dry, they feel like they have moisture in them in the packet but when they touch your face they feel like sandpaper that can shape your face from a circle to a square. So people do not buy these face wipes, I mean I at least do not recommend them.

My go to facial wipes are Superdrug essential facial cleansing wipes, which are 99p and for me obviously I pick up the combination skin packet, which is green. These wipes feel soft and gentle on your skin, they also smell absolutely amazing too. It does not list that it contains tee tree but the smell is similar and smells just so refreshing.

What is your go to facial wipes?
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Josephine Beth-xx 


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