Cheap, cute, revision cards!! (For people who don't want to make them)

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My recent post on Instagram, shows a picture of these cute revision cards.
I am going to show all of you how wonderful a place this shop is that I got them from and how cute the cards are that they might just even motivate you to make revision notes/ flash cards.

Both of these cards are from Wilko, and I had to go to two different Wilko's to find each of these!!

This first one is called Wilko I like cats revision notes, it costs £1 for 75 pages which is back to back.
This was the first revision cards that I ever bought because I believe at the time, this was the only one available a few years back, until they bought out the other stationary collection which featured revision cards, which I have only noticed this year. But back to this one, it is held together by a chain which is purple, it also has a stretchy band to hold all the cards together, so they don't flail around in your bag. The product also contains three different sections with three different patterns. And to top it off it is lined! because with me, I just cannot write as straight is its just plain paper, so I find lines useful for straight lines and to keep everything equal and neat.

Next is the brand new collection. This is from the Unearthed stationary, and I paid £1 for it too. I tried to find it on their website, and unfortunately for some reason, I can't find it?! So I don't know whether they have taken it off or because it is out of stock, but usually even if it is out of stock it would still be on the website, so I have no idea whats going on! But to describe what it is like, if anyone can find it in store. It consists of 75 pages, however the pages are single and are not back to back. To add to this, one side is lined and the other is plain. But I must say that this set is cuter than the 'I like cats' ones because of the patterns. I always find fruit cute! Anyone else? So like the previous it has three different sections with three different patterns. Also like the previous it is held together by a chain that is pink and a stretchy band.

I would totally recommend these cards if you want something cute and you do not feel like making cards yourself. It is only £1 each and looks good in pictures! So if you want affordable cute stationary, head over to Wilko!! 

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