Review: Superdry has a beauty range?! Since when?!

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    • Many of you will read the title and go, wow this girl is late and roll your eyes, although that just proves how much I do not shop at Superdry!! For Christmas my best friend got me this set and it was not an ordinary shower set you get from other brands like the body shop or Ted Baker. Here is why: 

      In this Superdry Beauty Signature Edit Classic Body Collection set
       you get 6 things: 
    1. Body Mist
    2. Jelly Body wash 
    3. Body scrub 
    4. Body balm 
    5. Glowing body lotion 
    6. Beauty balm 

      The body mist is super handy for travelling and is 100ml, the scent for all the products is amber and vanilla. It smells super fresh and sweet at the same time, definitely something I would use! It also feels refreshing and cool on your skin. 

    • Next the jelly body wash smells lovely and does everything a body wash is supposed to do, it is 150ml, which is a good size from a set that is only £10 in Boots.

      Now this body scrub, well lets just say it is not my favourite smelling product. Even though all of the products have the same scent!! The scrub just smells less sweet and more ambery maybe?! A part from that, the little bits are small and the scrub is so smooth and soft on your skin, the bits do not scratch you at all and is perfect for a softer scrub. This is a 100ml product also.

      As for the body balm, it is also 100ml, although it smells exactly like the mist and is sweet and refreshing as well as cool to the touch. It is thick and moisturising on the skin.  

      This is my favourite item!! it is the glowing body lotion, this is a tube of 75ml, it smells like the mist, and is brown in colour when squeezed out of the tube. It leaves a glittery shine to our skin when applied and a kind of tint ( when I wiped it off with a makeup wipe it came off as brown on the wipe). This is an amazing product that I have hardly seen in a set other than at Victoria secret. It is a thick paste and is easy to rub into your skin as well as feels very moisturising. 

      And now the beauty balm, I am going to be totally honest and this is my least favourite product and if I had to recommend something to Superdry, I would say save money and invest in something else, this product would not be missed if it was discontinued. The BB is thick and sticky when applied, it has a yellow colour and smells the worst out of all of these.  This is 15ml. 

      Overall, I would not buy this whole set again however I would purchase items from the set individually, especially the glowing body lotion. I would definitely not purchase the beauty balm. This set is available in Boots in the UK for £10, it was £20 and the packaging is so cute with their usual theme of pink and grey. 

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