How to search a phrase/word in a text online quick and easy!!

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Ever since I discovered this handy trick, I use it every chance I get and share it every chance I get. It makes searching sources so much easier, especially when writing bibliographies!! Forget skim reading guys, when you can get the computer to do it for you!!

Searching through an article/webpage or online source quickly, efficiently and easily can be tricky until now! You can search up any phrase or word that you want using ctrl + f on your keyboard. For example:
This is my essay 

When you press ctrl + f, this typing box will appear. I want to search for the phrase 'sad lonely dog'

When you type in the phrase into the box, the words if in the text, will come up highlighted. 

Et voilĂ  ! xo 

Sorry for those who already know the trick but I hope someone out there can find this useful :)! 

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