Boys who sulk and are moody

When you get to a certain age relationships stops being games, and if it is a game you shouldn't have to put up with that.

Boys always complain about girls being moody and always being too sensitive, while that is true with some females, we never hear about how boys can get like that too, we always like to think boys put up with it and we take pity on them.

Moreover, there are some boys that are moody and sulk because they're only human too, however if a boy is extensively moody in a relationship I believe that you should try to suss something out because if you try talking about it and it doesn't get fixed and he keeps brushing it off, he isn't worth it. When you're in a relationship your life is your partners too and you should be able to be open and share anything, that makes it less complicated and avoids more arguments along with honesty. 

Furthermore, to deal with this you need to talk it out when they're feeling okay, you need to be honest and share how you feel. Don't just ignore it if it bugs you, if it doesn't really matter to you, you can just wait and see how it all plays out in the morning and see if it goes back to normal. 

So a little advice on boys who want to play games, don't. Because your girl doesn't have to put up with that. And to girls who have a boy who plays games, if you have an inch of doubt sometimes he isn't worth it, no matter how much you love him remember that you both have to put equal effort into the relationship, because if it's one sided and you don't have a mutual agreement the relationship isn't worth the time or mistake or hurt, as they say their are plenty of fish in the sea however it might take longer than you'd want. 

Ultimately, if you've gotten out of a relationship take caution when looking for another, remind yourself that you need time to get used to being single and calming down, going on a rebound isn't fair to the person you're using as a rebound as well as most people say you should wait the amount of time you were in a  relationship to get into another one, however it is your choice. 

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 Josephine Beth-xx


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