Choosing a career

I wouldn't say I'm at the upmost crucial time in my life where choosing a career is so important. However, choosing a career at a young age can make choosing subjects for a levels or for university so much easier.

Usually, if you ask the career advisors at school they'd advise you to choose something you love doing or to choose something you're good at. However, what if you're still indecisive? 

Many people say that money isn't everything and can't buy happiness, as bad as this sounds money is so much more than what people may want to think, I want a career with the financial stability for not only me but for my family too, no one wants to be struggling or in tough situations in the future. 

How do we ensure that whatever career we do, we not only  it but makes sure it gives us financial stability? As many of you know so many career fields are competitive to get into and yes now a days thanks to technology we can make easy money from the Internet. 

Ultimately, choosing a career young and setting goals young is good as it's never bad to plan ahead. Things to help you decide can be: 
  • Hobbies/ interests 
  • Subjects you liked in school
  • Skills 
  • Look at the qualifications you have and what doors it can open for you 
  • Ask someone else ( sometimes hearing it from other people makes ) 
All in all of you're still in school like me and you have no idea on a career work hard at the subjects you chose and make sure you choose subjects that can open as many doors as possible until you can decide on a career.

If you have a career how did you decide on it? 

Always supporting and voting for you.                         
 Josephine Beth-xx


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