Fake feelings and relationships

This kind of relates to commitment and being scared to commit, but I want to talk about how a lot of people meet online or start talking through text.

Talking online with someone makes you vulnerable to fake people, yes it's possible to fall in love online (I've seen it with my own eyes) but that also means it's possible to easily trick someone and fake your feelings. 

Have you ever seen someone online and thought they were out of your league, yet they start talking to you. It makes you think why you? Well there's either two posibilities, you doubt yourself too much and looks doesn't really matter, or they could be playing you. 

Although you might be thinking to yourself that playing someone is stupid and immature. But some people do it for "banter" or just to troll, and it's definitely not nice to mess with someone's feelings. 

How do you tell if they're being genuine? Usually if you have a video chatting thing or voice call thing you can tell from their expressions and voice. Otherwise over text you can look for the way they talk to you, or the time in which they reply and if they update you on their life and not be blunt (some people are bad texters - keep this in mind). If a person makes an effort to talk to you regardless of being busy that's a good sign.

Furthermore, bad signs are if they ask for "nudes" upfront, or if they get dirty with you. Also usually if they say "I love you" too early there's a chance they don't mean it. I firmly believe that "I love you" and "love you" mean two different things and I believe that "I love you" is the more serious of the latter. Moreover, over time they will get bored and can change the way thy talk to you, after all no one can keep up a front forever.

Ultimately, I don't like seeing anyone hurt and I want you guys to make sure you're surrounded by genuine people. 

Always supporting and voting for you.                         
 Josephine Beth-xx


  1. I agree fake is the new way to be.
    I opened a store in the uk
    let me know what you think


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