Lets talk clothes

As many of you know I'm really really not a fashion blogger of any kind. But since I was growing up, and still now I find it hard to find my own style.

Finding your own style isn't only about being unique or original, its about making yourself feel comfortable as well. 

A little short story: once upon a time.. 
I felt so comfortable in jeans, then one day *poof* I couldn't fit into them right anymore, maybe it was weight gain but all in all they just made me feel pudgy, short and disgusting. Like don't get me wrong I can fit into some jeans but then I'd often have to find myself having to suck in. Therefore I was set on helping myself feel more comfortable, for a while I settled on this cute skirt I have, which I absolutely adore, but then there's only a certain amount of times you can wear something in a row before it looks odd. Finally, I decided to buy some trousers and let me tell you they were the most comfortable trousers ever.
Best thing is, it doesn't make you worried if you get bloated straight after eating, because it has an elastic waist 😂.

Ultimately, wear what you want, I know it's hard when people look at you and maybe make a snide remark or comment, but it's your body and life, what you wear should reflect you. If it's raining and you feel like wearing bright colours, I say do it! Don't let anything stop you from expressing yourself. As the saying goes: "you were born an original, don't die a copy"

Always supporting and voting for you.                          
Josephine Beth-xx


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