Beauty Storage Hacks 001

Buying storage boxes, or shelves are time consuming and costly. These can be some temporary hacks or a permanently money saving way to store your items.

In my room I have a dresser with a mirror and all my beauty and trinkets on top. Here are some things I use to store groups of things: 

1. Shot glass - I use a shot glass to store my makeup brushes and my tweezers. 

2. A pot - I have a pink pot where I store my concealer, mascara, BB CREAM and sponges used for daily use as well as easy access. 

3. An old perfume set box (moschino) - I found this box incredibly pretty therefore I didn't really want to throw it away, because it would be a waste. I store the rest of my makeup in this box. 

4. An old bath and body gift set box - In this box I would store bath & shower stuff, as well as creams, perfumes or any tiny trinket gifts I have received before.

As you can see you can use most old pretty boxes to store things in without the need to go out and spend money on storage boxes. If you have a plain box you could always use - decorate it with deco tape. Also you could always use mason jars if you have any spare for storing things in too, they make a pretty and special addition to your room. 

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Josephine Beth-xx 


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