iPhone 5s Fails

IPhone 5s**
Most of us know those tricks to fix our phones if anything goes wrong, sadly some things can't be helped.

Occasionally, my phone goes black and doesn't turn on the normal way, therefore to fix that you have to hold the power button at the top and the home button together for 10 seconds, this will restart your phone. - fixed no problem 

Two problems I can't fix is the forever decaying battery life. You can't fix this without money, because yes it's possible to get a new battery. 

The second problem I had was when I was charging my phone, it didn't feel hot or anything. I was using my phone while on charge and I didn't drop it or bang it and I heard a crack and saw a line appear on my screen diagonally from top to bottom. So now my phone is permanently cracked as apparently it can crack from heat, therefore it was no fault of my own. 

My lesson is learnt which is to try not to overheat my phone, but remember that phones can crack under heat. Obviously, it can't happen to a new phone but to a phone worn out over time be careful when charging and using it, to avoid it overheating and cracking your screen. Worst case I've heard is that the screen cracked in a spider Webb formation from no human fault. 

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