Who do you think you're talking to?!

Story time**
I have never fully liked this boy, we were never at a point where we are fully friends I see him as more of less than a friend more of a person in school I talk to when I have to. The worst part is, is that this guy is really close friends with one of my friends that I hang around with in school.  

Moreover, today this guy called me a "b***h" and this wasn't in a jokey tone it was in a serious tone. 
Now let me explain why... His reasoning for this was because I said that a girl that has some history with someone close to me is not very pretty, he then retaliated with that she has a good personality, however, I just simply stated what I thought of her looks as people I knew were talking about how she looked and how that person close to me upgraded from her to me. 

In all honesty, he had every right to THINK that I am a B***H however he had NO right to SAY I am one. This is simply because I am not close to him, if I was close to him fair enough you can call me names but because I am not he should have just said "you are being rude" instead of not being civil and calling me names, calling me names was not needed. 

Ultimately, the other people who were saying things about this girl who must I add is a year older, didn't get called out. This boy would never call them names because he knows that they can ruin him or grill him and because possibly he is scared of them. Therefore he decided to start on me  because he knows I wouldn't do anything and can't physically or emotionally hurt him. I am not trying to justify what I said because I know what I said was mean but it is my opinion, and honesty is better than lying to a person. Also I'm just saying that to not call people names you aren't close with and can't be banter pjs with because you have no right as you don't have that type of relationship with them, therefore instead of name calling, tell them that "they are in the wrong" and "you are being rude". 

Always supporting and voting for you.
Josephine Beth-xx 


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